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Become an Affiliate

 An affiliate is an independent body that would like to use our membership software and international sports platform to receive mutual benefits and rewards.

Our affiliate programs attracts individuals and organizations worldwide who would like to have a sports brand or use an existing sports brand for marketing and promotional purposes.

Our affiliate partnership is divided into three categories—Individuals, Sponsors, and Advertising Affiliates. Each of these affiliates categorizes receive 15% commission on first level of paid membership subscription and 5% commission on each sub-partners or affiliates they sign up.

There are also other financial rewards including receiving commissions for selling advertising packages, sports brand sale and participating in our athletic scholarship and athlete representation referral programs. Many of our affiliates have the potential to earn over $50,000 residual income monthly especially those that have internet marketing and blogging capabilities.

Individual Affiliates

This category of affiliates is suitable for athletes, coaches, sports agents, scouts, sports fans, administrators and other sports professionals interested in marketing their athletic abilities and sports image while attracting corporate sponsors, recruiters and fresh business opportunities.

As an individual affiliate, you can create sports brands that can follow you for the rest of your sports career while using our membership platform to earn extra income and raise capital through paid membership subscription to meet specific needs. Note that, you don’t have to be an athlete, a coach or even love sports to become an individual affiliates. Any registered member with marketing and people skills is free to become an individual affiliate.

Sponsoring Affiliates

The word sponsorship is often used to mean seeking financial help or funding from corporate entities and individuals to achieve specific goals. However, businesses that would like to partner and advertise its products and services through us don’t have to incur cost or make financial commitment instead they will have the opportunity to generate substantial monthly income. Consider becoming a sponsoring affiliate if you would like to attract more clients to your business without any cost to you.

The basic sponsorship affiliates plan requires that you offer our members a suitable percentage discount in exchange for advertising to attract more clients to your business.

When paid members present valid proofs to show affiliation with the sports network, we expect all sponsoring affiliates listed on this site to honor the presentation.

Sponsoring affiliates are obligated to immediately give a specific discount, reduce cost on total expenditure or some form of benefits; rewards or privileges to paid members.

While we continue to help you expose your products and services, we will also design a sports brand website that assists you to track your commissions for the specific number of paid members you have referred to us. The FREE website we will design for you can be used to draw traffic, invite other sponsoring affiliates and create an info commercial video to expose your business even more.

Advertising Affiliates 

Advertising Affiliates enjoys more benefits and rewards than the Sponsoring Affiliates. One of the major differences between the Advertising and Sponsoring Affiliates is that Advertising Affiliates contribute specific amounts of money monthly that goes towards development and maintenance of the various sports brands on the network. They also receive more exposure, which includes, banner advertisement and logo displayed on the home page of this site with respective links. Advertising Affiliates must be committed to whatever amounts they have agreed to contribute to support the sports network.

While many sports fans, coaches, agents, famous athletes, and sports celebrity will discover that becoming an individual affiliate is a suitable option to earn extra income, sports entrepreneurs, corporate executives and directors will find that the sponsoring and advertising affiliates is more appealing and attractive.

Partnering with us will be an experience you can never forget. We focus on a Win-Win combination.