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General Questions
Q. Who owns and manages the site?
A. The entire affiliate sports brand is managed and powered by Sportsmoni, a registered United States trademark. The company was founded based on the mission statement to continuously form international sports partnerships and share revenue with affiliate members. Each site and sports brand is owned by separate individuals and corporate entities located in different parts of the world.
Q. Can I speak with my assigned agent or representative?
A. Yes. However, as most athlete agent travel quite a bit, it is best you use the chat feature on this site to chat with your assigned agent or send an offline message, which can be accessed on your message center.
Q. Who do I contact during emergency or if I have any further questions?
A. You simply contact the customer service support. We are available 24/7. 7 days a week, Monday through Sunday.
Q. Do you charge members extra for uploading videos and photos?
A. No. All videos and photos can be uploaded free. There is no charge for this service. However, we will expect quality and edited videos. If your videos and photos are not up to standard they will be disabled from public view.
Q. Do I need a photo image on my profile?
A. Yes. Photo or picture images on profile is necessary. Your account will be suspended after sometime if you don't upload your recent photo on your profile. This is the photo we will use when your membership photo ID card is issued.
Q. Can I invite others to join my network?
A. Absolutely. Infact, we highly recommend that as soon as you become a member or an affiliate, use the invite friends and share features on this site to invite others, including friends, relatives, mentors, coaches, associates, colleagues and teammates to become part of your network.
Q. Apart from being a member, what other services do you offer?
A. We provide athlete representation, athletic scholarship recruiting, advertising and other related services. We prefer that all our members and affiliates enjoy these services as one global sports family.
Registration Questions
Q. How do I register to become a member?
A. You simply click "register now" on the top menu of this site. It will take you straight to the membership registration page.
Q. How do I register to become an affiliate or a partner?
A. Click the menu on the left that shows "Affiliates." It will take you to the affiliate partner's page. While on that page, click "register now" and complete the entire form.
Q. How do I register as a sponsor?
A. There are several sponsoring opportunities available. To register as a sponsor or partner, click the "affiliate" menu on home page and follow the link. Then, click "register now" on that page. Pay close attention to the sponsorship information on that page.
Seminar Questions
Q. How can I register to attend a sports seminar?
A. It is a very simply process. First, find out the name of the seminar you would like to attend. Then click the seminar menu on the top page to proceed with registration. After registration, you will be contacted by the organizer to make payment. If it is a free seminar, you won't have to make any payment to attend.
Q. Does the sports network organize seminars?
A. Yes. We organize the sports dreams seminar all year round. For more details including, dates and time, please click the location you would like to attend.
Q. Do you charge fees to attend the sports dreams seminar?
A. Yes. It will cost you $50 USD. If you register and reserve your seat early, you will receive free copies of our sports guide, one-month accesss to contact information of college recruiters and coaches in the United States and much benefits.
Q. Can I advertise and announce my seminar on this site?
A. You can only do so if you are a paid member. Monthly membership cost $29.95
Q. How do I make payment to attend the sports dreams seminar?
A. To make payment and finalize your seat reservation, you must click the "Register Now" menu on top of this page, beside "Tell a Friend." Complete the form and follow the steps. It will eventually ask you to make payment via Paypal, check or other preferable method.
Q. Can I make payment at the door before the date of the seminar?
A. Of course you can. However, you take a chance of having no seats available. Most seminars are booked very quickly. It will be in your best interest to book in advance if you would like to attend.
Membership Questions
Q. How do I get a membership card?
A. Membership card are only issued when you sign up for a quarterly plan or after three months of paid subscription. The card will be mailed to the address we have on file.
Q. What if I lose my membership card or it expires?
A. When your card expires or when you lose it, you will be charged a processing fee of $25. This amount must be paid in full before your card is mailed to you. You will also cover the cost of shipment.
Q. What happens if my paid membership subscription expires?
A. You will lose your benefits and unable to log into certain areas of your account. We recommend you renew your membership plan before the expiration date.
Q. How much does it cost to become a paid member?
A. Our monthly membership subscription fee is: $29.95 per month. You can sign up for a monthly, quarterly or yearly plan.
Q. What are the benefits of becoming a member?
A. There are several benefits of becoming our member.
(a) No matter your role in the sports world, we help you achieve your athletic dreams by getting you connected.
(b) Your membership ID card saves you money whenever you shop at our sponsors' or partners business locations worldwide. You get a discount, anywhere from 5% to 60%. List of partners are posted on this site.
(c) We give you the opportunity to earn extra income through our affiliate program.
(d) It is a forum to meet other sports-minded people that can get you connected to achieve your objectives.
(e) You receive great benefits and rewards, such as Free laptops for yearly subscriptions, Free motivational and inspirational books, Free hard copy sports directory and other privileges.
(f) And much more
Q. Do I have to pay to become a member?
A. No. You don't have to pay to register and become a member. However, if you would like to access more features on this site, you may have to upgrade your membership plan.
Q. What is shown on my membership ID card?
A. Your membership ID will have your ID number, date of birth, recent photo and expiration date
Q. Can I use my membership card after it expires?
A. No. Your paid membership status becomes invalid after your card expires. You must first renew your membership plan and request for a new card by completing the contact us form on this site. Please note that if caught using an expired card, your membership and affiliate account will be suspended.
Athletic Scholarships
Q. If I don't receive a scholarship award, do I get a refund?
A. No. You don't get any refund.
Q. How much does it cost for your athletic scholarship programs?
A. DIYSS = $15 or $95 monthly: DIYSS = $750 monthly: Exclusive Program = $3,000. Refer to our program fees for complete fees break down.
Q. What are the different types of athletic scholarship programs you offer?
A. We offer three different types of Athletic Scholarship programs through Athletes USA. They are (a) Do-It-Yourself-Sports-Scholarships (DIYSS), (b) DIYSS-Pro and (c) Exclusive Program. All three programs offer different benefits and rewards and the fees are also very different.
Q. How do I apply for an athletic scholarship?
A. You simply contact the coaches or recruiters in the college that you plan to attend to inquire about your eligibility to an athletic scholarship. Note that athletic scholarships are awarded to talented athletes and those who have met the admission requirement of the institution. There is tough competition for athletic scholarship spots, but if you sign up and go through our available programs, we can help you succeed.
Q. Can you contact the coaches or recruiters on my behalf?
A. Absolutely. We will contact the coaches on your behalf under our exclusive program offer by Athletes USA. As long as you have signed and paid for the program we will work for you until you have achieved your goal of securing an athletic scholarship.
Q. Are there any guarantees that I will receive a scholarship?
A. No. Sorry, we do not and cannot guarantee that you will receive an athletic scholarship. It is against the NCAA rules. However, we will ensure that you meet all the requirements and give you a better chance than if you do it yourself.
Q. What is an athletic scholarship?
A. An athletic scholarship is the processing of using your athletic abilities, talents and skills in a particular sport to receive an award from a recognized college or university that agrees to pay for your education, whether partially or in full.
Athlete Representation
Q. Do you represent college athletes?
A. No. We do not represent college athletes nor do we discuss contract negotiation with them. Most sports organizations prohibits this. For example, it is against the NCAA by-laws (rules) to discuss contract negotiation directly with athletes or the athlete agreeing to be represented when he or she is still in college. A college athlete can immediately forfeit his or her eligibility to participate in intercollegiate sports if they agree to be represented by an agent, whether verbally or in writing. However, college athletes are free to select from any of our athletic scholarship programs and we can help them secure athletic scholarships, particularly in the United States.
Q. What programs do you offer to represent professional athletes?
A. There are three specific programs we offer to pro-athletes for representation. The first one is called the Pro-Contract-Self-Negotiation (PRCN), in which you contact professional teams yourself without getting any help from us. The second is the PRCN-Pro, where you also get 3 minutes info commercial video about your life, athletic abilities and sports dreams. The third is the Athlete Agent Representation (AAR), where an agent is assigned to find you a pro-contract job and also comes with an info commercial video creations. The assigned agent will use the video to market your athletic ability to professional teams.
Pro-Contract Questions
Q. What are the fees to sign up under your pro-contract programs?
A. The fees are listed on the "program fees" page on the bottom menu.
Q. Do I get a refund if I don't sign a contract?
A. No. We do not offer refund.
Q. What are the different pro-contract programs available?
A. We have three types of pro-contract programs available. The first is the Pro-Contract-Self-Negotiation (PCSN). The second is the PCSN-pro and the third is, Athlete Agent Representation (AAR).
Coaches Questions
Q. As a qualilfied coach, do I have to become a member?
A. Yes. All sports professionals including coaches, sports agents, personal trainers, fitness experts, sports marketers and so forth must become members of the sports network. Our site is a good place for athletes and others to find you. We also expect coaches to become affiliates so that they can recommend their players, scouts, agents and other administrators to join the network through the sports brand we will create for them.
Q. What kinds of athletes do you have on your network?
A. Our athletes come from a wide variety of backgrounds and participating in different levels of competition, including professional, college, amateur, notice or those attending sports academy. We also can feature celebrity and retired athletes.
Q. What do I do if I want to recruit an athlete?
A. You simply send a message to the athlete directly through our message center on "my account" section on this site, after you must have logged into your account.
Q. Do I have to be a member to use your services?
A. Yes. Everyone must become a member. It is completely free to sign up and only takes 2 minutes of your time.
Sponsorship and Advertising
Q. What is the difference between a sponsor and an advertiser?
A. A sponsor is an individual or a corporate entity who wants to support the site and the entire affiliate network in exchange for image enhancement, credibility and exposure. An advertiser simply wants to make his or her business or services known to members of the network for increased clientele base.
Q. Can a sponsor or advertiser become an affiliate?
A. Absolutely. Many of our sponsors and advertisers end up becoming affiliates as soon as they realize the income and business opportunities we have available. It is not uncommon for affiliates to earn over $50,000 each month.
Q. What types of advertising do you offer?
A. We offer various types of advertising. Though, priority is given to our advertising sponsors. We offer banner advertising, info commercial creation through one of our partners, as well as, mail piece advertising. We work with advertisers by selling packages. If you are interested in advertising, please contact us.
Technical Questions
Q. Do I need to register a domain name to become an affilate?
A. Yes. You must register a domain name with our partnering domain name company at zetdomain.net to become an affiliate. If you already have registered domain name, please contact the registrant and have your domain transferred to zetdomain.com
Q. Do I need a logo for my affiliate sports brand?
A. Yes. You need a sports brand to represent and market your affiliate business. Please visit the affiliate home page for further information.
Q. What if I am experiencing techical difficulties with my account?
A. You simply contact us with the problems you are experiencing and we will fix it for you.