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27 Jan, 2011

After taking an offseason break, Tiger Woods claims to be re...

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Is Tiger back?
27 Jan, 2011

After taking an offseason break, Tiger Woods claims to be ready for new season of competition.
Following a 2010 that wasn't his most successful in more ways than one, Tiger will begin his first play at the Farmers Insurance Open on the Torrey Pines course. On Wednesday, in front of the media, Wood showed to be ready to be making his way to the top of the game yet again.
“The goal's still the same,” he said of the upcoming season. “Try to beat all their butts.”
With his focus on the sex scandal that resulted in a divorce and loss of sports
worth millions, he wasn't able to maintain his lead in the game. This was his first season in his career without a win. He also encountered a lot of doubt from his colleagues, about his ability to maintain his lead.
“That’s fine, I’ve heard it before. I’ve gone through stretches where I haven’t won. All I have to do is keep working and stick to the game plan, just like I have in the past.”
“I think my record kind of speaks to that.”
Wood has showed before his ability maintain his power
to succeed
even in adversity.
Changing his swing in 1998 resulted in very fruitful season in '99 and 2000 having acquired all four of the most prestigious prizes in golf, winning the respect of sports professionals everywhere.
After another change in swing he only had one victory in 2004. Still, the five seasons following that he achieved six, eight, seven, four (out of six) and six wins.
Woods admitted that the main reason for those struggles in 2010 came from a lack of “clear mind.”
“In order to play this game at a high level, it helps to have a clear mind,” he said. “It helps having your life in balance. Certainly, my life is much more balanced than it was in the past. That is exciting for me.”
His swing also suffered last year. He had some really bad shots at some points in the season, which got him to attempt repair his swing himself. That ended with even worse game results, particularly at the Bridgestone Invitational.
The Canadian Sean Foley was asked to coach him to take on the third major switch in swinging method. The results of seven weeks of work will be seen this week.
“It's nice to have an offseason where I wasn't in pain and recovering from something,” Woods said Wednesday.  “I've had so many darn surgeries and everything.
“I haven't had an offseason like this in six years. It's always been trying to somehow, ’Can I get myself to start up again?’  This was nice to actually practice and build.”
Woods claimed to be satisfied with his training.
“The whole year last year golf-wise came down to one golf shot, and that's what I'm so proud of,” he said. “The 72nd hole of Chevron, that was it.
“Under the most intense pressure I hit the shot I needed to hit when I needed to hit it. ... And I hit it to 2-1/2 feet.”
Woods also mentioned his improved effort to focus on putting.
“I just hadn't spent as much time on putting,” he said.  “I didn't focus on my short game as much as I needed to and I have in the past.
“That's what was nice about this offseason is I was able to work on my putting and my stroke and go back to my old keys and old feels. Just putting in the work. It takes thousands of balls, and I was able to do that.”
"Last year I really didn't do much of that, and, consequently, I had probably one of the worst putting years I've had.”
He will have to begin the season with a strong start. There are lots of memories for him that ties him to Torrey Pines, from watching his father play to his seven wins at this course.
“I'm looking forward to getting out there and playing, and basically feeling the heat again,” he said.