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Dene Games

Dene Games
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The northern Athapaskan peoples , or Dene, are the aboriginal inhabitants of the Northern Regions of Canada and Alaska. The Traditional Lands of the Dene extend from the interior of Alaska across the Yukon and the Northwest Territories east to Hudson’s Bay. The Dene consists of several regional groups all of whom speak their own language. Certain differences do exist, but neighboring groups can usually understand each other’s language. This is also true of the Traditional Dene Games where by there are differences in the same game played by different Dene Regions.
In the Old days, Dene made their living on the land. Survival depended on hunting , fishing, and during late summer and fall, gathering berries in the areas around the fish camps. People relied on the resources that the land provided. Dene people had the one basic thing in common; surviving and traveling on the land. It was through their travels that the people most closely connected with the land and through this connection it influenced the Games in which the Dene people played. These games prepared them for surviving on the land and tested their skills in strength, endurance, speed and even pain resistance. Games were not only intended for fun at gatherings but also prepared them for what laid ahead; and to survive on the land.