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Alen's Company

Alen's Company
Trade Name : American Football

Contact Name : Alen Willkins

Website :

Specialty (ies) : You Can Earn From This Company URL.

Discount Offered to Paid Members (%) : 12

Partner's Advertising Contribution Amount ($) : 50

Description :
In some Alaskan Gwich’in communities, the stick was decorated with eagle feathers which were tied to the centre of the stick with beaded strings. In the summer, people from the communities of Arctic Village, Fort Yukon and Chalkyisik met and competed in the Stick Pull. The winning team took the stick back to their community, ready to compete for it again during the following summer.
In the winter, the game was often played after a successful hunt, when everybody had put away a good supply of meat. The chief, an elder or one of the successful hunters invited the people to a feast. After everybody had eaten, the men and boys joined in the Stick Pull. On these occasions, bear grease was used to grease the stick. It was also used to simulate catching fish. The concept of the Game is to pull the stick from your opponent’s hand.