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Athletes USA

Athletes USA
Trade Name : Athletes USA

Contact Name : Chris Vidal

Specialty (ies) : USA Sports Scholarships Programs

Discount Offered to Paid Members (%) : 10

Description :
Welcome to Athletes USA Athletic Scholarship Agency:

Athletes USA is an Award winning and the world's leading sports scholarship agency, providing tailored college recruitment services to sports student athletes who are seeking to gain an athletic scholarship in USA.

At Athletes USA we raise the bar and separate ourselves from other sport scholarship agencies by creating specialized recruitment programs focusing on finding our athletes the ultimate sport scholarship in America. Athletes USA not only works with talented sportsmen and women but works with over 3000 American universities and 20,000 college coaches. This allows our scholarship team to present our sports athletes with many fantastic athletic scholarship opportunities in terms of where you can go to college on your sports scholarship. No wonder why we were awarded as the world's best athletic scholarship agency.

Since the beginning of 2006, Athletes USA has assisted thousands of athletes with their placement on sport scholarships in America, and secured millions of dollars in financial scholarship aid. In 2008 Athletes USA - The Sports Scholarship Agency was awarded the recognition as one of the fastest growing sports business's in Europe and was invited to the 2008 Microsoft SME Awards held in Brussels. This success has helped us to open offices throughout the USA, Europe and the rest of world.

Why are we the worlds leading sports scholarship & athletic scholarships agency?

Athletes USA experience an astonishing 25,000+ applicants from sports athletes every year, who are seeking to join our ultimate college recruitment scholarship program (The Exclusive Program). Athletes USA limits its services to around 1000 sports athletes per year, who are all examined to see if you will meet the college requirements coaches demand. This allows us to make sure each athlete accepted onto our program receives a personal sports consultant who will manage your sport scholarship campaign. Our athletes can be sure to be receiving correct advice as all our staff are former American scholarship athletes.

In 2009 we were recognized by the Commonwealth Committee for providing the best college recruitment programs to sportsmen and women who were looking to gain a sport scholarship in America. The Commonwealth awarded Athletes USA a Gold Partnership badge and we are now working closely with the Commonwealth Committee to help develop sports through education via athletes receiving athletic scholarships to America.

About Us:

Athletes USA founder Chris Vidal wanted to give sporting athletes from around the world the opportunity to demonstrate to college coaches the potential they have to become a top performing college athlete. He had set the tone and direction for a young company called Athletes USA, and today those same words inspire a new generation of Athletes USA members.

Our goal is to carry on what our founder had started, whether to develop products that help athletes find college sports scholarships, or to create business opportunities that set Athletes USA apart from the competition and provide value to our members.

Today Athletes USA has achieved some great things within our industry so it’s no wonder why we are the most chosen college sports scholarship agency among athletes and college coaches. Our success is down to our founder’s passion and motivation to become the world’s best sports scholarship provider.