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Trade Name : Zetdomain

Website : www.zetdomain.com

Specialty (ies) : Sports Design, Web Design, Graphic Design, Database Programming, Web Hosting, Editing, Sports Video Production, Infocommercial, Customized Websites and Videos

Discount Offered to Paid Members (%) : 20

Partner's Advertising Contribution Amount ($) : 1000

Description :
Zetdomain is Your One Stop to Web Services. Zetdomain help companies define strategies and implements innovative ways to build their online businesses. We combine the expertise of strategy, internet technologies and marketing communications to design interactive websites, customized web applications, ecommerce applications, online customized applications and database designs for small, medium and large sized organizations.

Based in Vancouver, British Columbia with offices in Toronto, Ontario, Zetdomain outsourcing PHP web developers and ASP.net programmers have extensive web applications that can handle mass amounts of data and transactions. It doesn't matter how small or big your company is we have web development solutions for any size of budget.

Zetdomain believe that all good websites should be easy to find using search engines and we have the expertise to create a website design such that the web pages will be found on major search engines. Marketing your website is as important as good website design, and we can help you fulfill your needs in this area.

At Zetdomain, we provide professional web and graphic services that cater for clients all around the world. Whether you would like to register a domain name, design or host a website, we are simply Your One Stop to Web Services. We rely solely on offshore IT staffing for programming and designed work tailored to satisfy your needs. Our services and products include the following :

Graphic Design

* Logo
* Banner
* Brochures
* Flyers
* Business Cards
* Corporate Identity
* Cover Design and Book Layout
* Book Editing
* Book Printing
* Multimedia

Web Design

* Basic Design
* PHP Programming
* ASP.Net Programming
* Database Design
* Ecommerce
* Java Web Development
* Flash Development
* Software Development
* Mobile Applications Development (iphone)
* Open Source Customization
* Web Maintenance

Web Hosting

* Linux Hosting
* Window Hosting

Website Products

* Domain Name Registration
* VeriSign SSL Certificates
* GeoTrust SSL Certificates
* SBS SSL Certificates
* POP Email and Email Forwarding

Internet Marketing

* Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
* Search Engine Placement
* Website Submissions
* Directory Listing