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Trade Name : The Power to Succeed in Sports, Fitness and Life

Contact Name : Frank Urefe

Website :

Specialty (ies) : Athletes and Coach Assessments to Discover Your True Talent and Reach Full Potential, Sports Books, Seminars, Sports Motivation, Scouting, Personal Consultation and Life Coaching Practice

Discount Offered to Paid Members (%) : 30

Partner's Advertising Contribution Amount ($) : 1500

Description :
About The Power to Succeed in Sports, Fitness and Life

Frank A. Urefe is the author of "The Power to Succeed in Sports, Fitness and Life"

The book has been revised and edited so as to be current with changes in the global sports industry. It is a must-read powerful, inspirational and motivational book that can guide you and be your "constant companion" throughout the course of your career in the competitive sports world. Published and distributed in the United States of America, this book is designed to optimize your sports and fitness life.

What The Book Can Do For You

Don't let anyone tell you that you cannot make it. This book will teach you simple, proven strategies, both mental and physical, that will shake negative thoughts out of your mind and off your back.

If you are currently facing daunting challenges in your sport and fitness life, don't worry. Challenges are part of life and the heart of sports. This book will teach you how to over come obstacles and setbacks in your sport and life.

You shouldn't give up on your dream of securing a sports scholarship, signing a sports contract, working in the sports industry or playing professional sports at the highest level of competition. The author understands what you are going through, and he knows the right steps to take because he has experienced similar challenges. The book can bring your dream alive.

What is in The Book

Packed with information and resources, Frank Urefe shares his experiences as a college and retired professional athlete combined with the experiences of other pro-athletes, sports agents and other sports administrators who have made it by going through similar challenges.

You will discover how to succeed by using specific mind-body principles. You will learn never to set limitations on yourself and your abilities while being warned about difficulties and inducements that can jeopardize your sports and athletic career. We have seen pro-athletes and coaches who have signed a multimillion dollar contract and who later lose everything they had as a result of the athletes negligence. For example:

* Not using an experience sports agent that can help you protect your rights during contract negotiations.
* Refusing to follow and obey teams' and organizations' rules such as the NCAA.
* Building unhealthy relationships and associating with negative people.
* Getting involved in the use of drugs and other harmful activities.
* Over spending without investing wisely and planning properly for your future.

The book will teach you how to deal with many life issues and how to overcome them. You will discover:

* How to improve your game and become a better athlete.
* How to develop self-confidence and be competitive in sports.
* How to secure your athlete scholarship and make it through college.
* How to win a championship and achieve specific goals in sports.
* How to make it to the pro-leagues and live a more fulfilled life.
* How you spark unstoppable passion to succeed.
* How to approach recruiters, sponsors and sign endorsement deals—who to approach, what to say and how to present yourself in a professional manner.
* How to become a sports agent or work within the sports industry.
* How to lose weight and use sports to succeed in every area of your life.

Frank Urefe will guide you through every phase of your sports career, across the decades of your active life. This is a book like no other!

This book also contains motivational quotes from sports celebrities, hall of fame athletes, coaches and administrators like Michael Jordan, Muhammed Ali, David Beckham, Arthur Ashe, Tommy Lasorda, Wayne Gretzky, Paul Bryant and Vince Lombardi. You will even read poems that the author has written to inspire you to your highest level of achievement.

To succeed in life, you need to develop contacts and a network of mentors. This is one of the reasons the Sports Dreams Network was founded, to open up sports opportunities for you and so that you can be seen.

If your dream is to get to the top of your career and you would like to surprise those who thought you cannot make it, this book is for you. If friends, relatives and colleagues have given up on you, it doesn’t mean you should give up on yourself. Discover the power that enables you succeed in sports, fitness and life. Use this power to achieve your sports dreams.