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Profile Details

Frank Urefe
Male, 49 years old
, British Columbia, Canada
Sports Information :
Role:   Sports Agent
Sports:   All Sports
My Dream:   My dream is to help thousands to millions of talented athletes, coaches and other sports professionals achieve their sports goals.
Nationality:   Canadian
Profession:   Sports Consultant, Author and Entreprenuer
Language Spoken:   English
Sports Business Description:   I provide Athletic Scholarship recruiting services, pro-contract negotiation for professional athletes overseas and create a road map for sports professionals and youngsters to achieve specific goals.
Products & Services:   1. Athletic Scholarship Programs 2. Pro-Contract Programs 3. Sponsorship and Advertising Packages
Bio:   Frank A. Urefe is a retired professional athlete and author of "How to Achieve Your Sports Dreams and the Power to Succeed in Sports, Fitness and Life." Mr. Urefe wants to help you achieve your sports goals by establishing personal and business relationships with you while providing proper professional guidance backed with honesty and integrity. With his experience as a former professional athlete and business executive, he can put his negotiating skills to work for you. His ability to recruit and represent talented athletes while assisting them achieve their sports goals and objectives, regardless of their background and ethnicity, is an asset that you can tap on at anytime. As an experience business manager, Urefe brings his negotiating skills to the bargaining table and hope to use his academic, athletic achievements and networking skills to represent his clients in a professional manner. While his athlete representation covers all sports such as Basketball, Soccer, American Football, Baseball, Hockey, Olympic Sports, he stated in his own words, "I will always try to be there for my clients especially when they have any questions or need me to quickly take care of business on their behalf. I am committed to building satisfactory relationships with my athletes. My goal is to ensure that all my athletes are reasonably happy and their skills and talents are well marketed."
Achievements/Awards:   Outstanding player award.
My interest:   Sports motivation, personal consultation, contract negotiation, scouting, athlete recruiting services.
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