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Program Fees

The program fees listed below are in US dollars and subject to change without prior written notice.  All changes will be posted on this page.

Membership Registration (Monthly Fee)

FREE                                                                                    No Payment

Monthly                                                                                 $29.95

Quarterly                                                                               $89.85

Yearly                                                                                     $359.40

Athletic Scholarships Programs

             (Monthly Fee)

DIYSS (Do-It-Yourself-Sports Scholarships):                 $19.45

DIYSS (Get help from us- Email, phone contact:           $34.45

         Package Deal (One-time Fee)

Exclusive Program (Full Package)                                   $3,000.00

DIYSS-Pro (Video Creation Included)                              $795.00

Pro-Contracts Programs (One-time Fee)

AAR                                                                                             $4,500.00

PCSN-Pro                                                                                 $2,550.00

PCSN                                                                                         $795.00

Advertising Sponsorship Packages (Monthly Fee)

Branded SEO and Info Commercial                                       $9,500.00

Branded Info Commercial                                                        $7,500.00

Banner Advertising                                                                     $1,950.00

Sponsor’s contributions (listings & icon banners)              TBD

Sports Brand Sale and Marketing

Accumulated Revenue Purchase (ARP)

• Purchase price from:                                                           $10,000.00

• Set up cost:                                                                            $5,000.00

Licensed Design Purchase (LDP)

• Set up cost:                                                                           $25,000.00

• Yearly renewal fee:                                                              $5,000.00