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Our Athletic Scholarship Programs

If you are looking for an athletic scholarship in over twenty (21) different sports in the United States, then you are on the right page. Athletes USA is our exclusive partner, and the No. 1 sports scholarship agency in the world. Through Athletes USA, we offer three athletic scholarship programs designed to meet your needs--The Do-It-Yourself Sports-Scholarship (DIYSS), DIYSS-Pro, and Exclusive Programs.

The DIYSS Program

For a minimum monthly fee, you can connect and communicate with over 20,000 college coaches in America and receive a FREE copy of "The Power to Succeed in Sports, Fitness and Life. " It is a must-read motivational, inspirational book written for athletes and sports professionals.

The book can be your “constant companion” on your path to having a fulfilling sports career. The DIYSS-Pro is an add-on for those who would like video creation, which they can send to the coaches and recruiters in our database during the recruiting process.


• Affordable price.

• Gives you control of the recruiting process.

• Allows you to communicate directly with coaches.

• Personal consultation to achieve scholarship goals.

• Receive a copy of "The Power to Succeed in Sports, Fitness and Life."

The Exclusive Program

Our exclusive scholarship program allows Athletes USA to work for you until you have received a sports scholarship to a college. Always remember that securing an athletic scholarship is not an easy process, but if you are accepted, you can be sure to receive a college scholarship in America. Our exclusive program start from $3,000. We will contact the coaches on your behalf and assist you with clearinghouse and all required entrance exam registration including SAT, ACT or TOEFL. We work with you until you have succceded in achieving your goal of receiving a sports scholarship from top schools in America. If you would like to sign up under our exclusive or DIYSS program, please click the link below to register. www.athletes-usa.us


• Contact coaches on your behalf.

• Playing and academic assessment.

• Assistant in student visa application.

• Creation of exclusive player’s profile.

• Assistant with flight and health insurance.

• Editing your highlight video from previous games.

• Personal consultation to achieve scholarship goals.

• Provide information on NCAA clearinghouse and entrance exam registration.

• FREE copy of “The Power to Succeed in Sports, Fitness and Life.”